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Butcher Venus... Noice! haha

I see there was effort put into this, but not enough. The animation was mostly horrible and the sound was unbearable. The movie drags so much too. I don't understand the point of this, only that it shows a dog that fucks dead bodies. Now I know animals rarely actually do this, not sure why though (minus the digging-up part). Maybe you're just showing us the inside of your mind? A for effort. F+ for quality.

...And then he crosses the road and gets splattered by a car. That's what I was expecting to happen.

You see, this is why I wear a tin foil hat. Ain't no satellite gonna make me sneeze!

Funny idea, but a guy sneezing into a microphone linked to a satellite that sends it out to people in signal doesn't make much sense to me. I guess I could stop being a buzzkill and say that it is probably some kind of sci-fi mind control thing that makes people do what the controller is doing, or the sneeze caused it to malfunction and turn into that :p

Brewster responds:

Haha yeah I guess I didn't really think it out too much. I like that last one, the sneeze caused it to malfunction. Let's go with that.

I always hated that shit in cartoons, but this is a new take on the joke. I like to be thrown off guard like that.

There may be other cartoons that do this, but I think it was interesting how you made parts of the cartoon look like a platformer game. Nothing right or wrong about it, it just caught my attention like a game going from a cutscene and then back into gameplay. Most events were predictable, but it was still a fun watch. The predictability probably doesn't matter though if you meant to make it for a younger audience.

Why do they limp?

Everything about this is classic! I watched it 5 times. It's so intense even though it's just a review about a parody game.

There's a bit of maniacal darkness to this. Everyone's so happy that they're being bombed with cats? haha This is actually enjoyable. Just watching the plane with the music playing is a happy moment. It's just that the music is out of sync from its first repeat onward and the anti-aliasing is weird.

Love this. It's not attacking anyone who doesn't need to be. It doesn't have a cynical tone to it either.

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