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Butcher Venus... Noice! haha

I see there was effort put into this, but not enough. The animation was mostly horrible and the sound was unbearable. The movie drags so much too. I don't understand the point of this, only that it shows a dog that fucks dead bodies. Now I know animals rarely actually do this, not sure why though (minus the digging-up part). Maybe you're just showing us the inside of your mind? A for effort. F+ for quality.

...And then he crosses the road and gets splattered by a car. That's what I was expecting to happen.

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Wow. This game is perfect. I wish it was longer but the current length isn't bad. The crayons are pretty versatile and it was satisfying to throw them while jumping, because I felt like a ninja. And I'll get the obvious out of the way, this game is smooth and the movement feels natural.

The only thing that got me was using S and D for jump and throw because I'm so used to WASD to move. I had to consciously decide which button to use before I learned it pretty well. This isn't really a negative, I just thought it was an interesting bit of my experience.

A bit different from other sidescroll launch games. It reminded me of playing WarioWare a while ago. I really got a laugh out of aiming at the "Justin Beaver" poster.

Short, fun game. Assuming that the game would end as expected, it was fun to ruin the mission about 5 times before I actually completed the game.

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The rhythm of the strings sounds weird in the beginning, but it gets going not too far in.

thedilking responds:

thanks man, yeah i keep thinking the same thing. I'll have to fix that up. I did it so it could be an easy song to mix, but it needs some work. I appreciate the listen though brother!

The laid back sections are well done. The guitar sound, if that's what it is, is damn trippy going left 'n' right while the piano, plucks, strings, and whatever else hold down the beat!

I didn't like the drop sections much. The drops had some cool notes that I wish were played some more. They seemed more like solos than grooves too. Not that they have to be grooves, it's just what I like.

I do think that the buildup at 3:05 was tight! Wish it was longer though; it would have made the drop way bigger! :D

Not Bad! It's ok by itself but I could definitely see this put to use as background music for a menu or a futuristic scene.

Zeaser responds:

Thanks man!

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Cool concept. A hero fighting his most powerful enemy, his mind.
Damn cool style too!


The feeling you get after you give someone the wrong directions so that you don't have to feel dumb for saying, "I dunno." haha Or the feeling you get after meeting someone new and they've just asked for directions. :(

LazyMuffin responds:

This is an awful play on words. The word being Postpartum Depression.
It's nothing too witty!

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