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Wow. This game is perfect. I wish it was longer but the current length isn't bad. The crayons are pretty versatile and it was satisfying to throw them while jumping, because I felt like a ninja. And I'll get the obvious out of the way, this game is smooth and the movement feels natural.

The only thing that got me was using S and D for jump and throw because I'm so used to WASD to move. I had to consciously decide which button to use before I learned it pretty well. This isn't really a negative, I just thought it was an interesting bit of my experience.

A bit different from other sidescroll launch games. It reminded me of playing WarioWare a while ago. I really got a laugh out of aiming at the "Justin Beaver" poster.

Short, fun game. Assuming that the game would end as expected, it was fun to ruin the mission about 5 times before I actually completed the game.

You've got to be shitting me! :D
Pretty basic. It also gets fidgety every time a sound effect plays. That was really annoying. Nothing much else to it.

rhys510 responds:

i dont get lag so im not sure if you should blame the game or your pc? :P

It's difficult to score quickly, but this game is unique. I like how the beautiful melodies you make with mashing the keys takes the place of background music. I learned the stage is destructible, thanks to comments.

all you do is press one butten the entier time! THE ENTIER TIME!!!!

So good that it inspired a review, which inspired a voice acting track, which inspired a typography video. The game felt like a parody of Final Fantasy, because everything is turn-based. But then it's all reduced to one button. haha And that, "this is my true power!!!" thing is definitely a cliche in games. The thing that got me the most was the fast advancement in the plot. It went by so fast that I was more aware of the insanity of the plot than if the game was more drawn out.

I would like to give this a lower rating because my shitty computer makes the game slightly choppy, and throwing off my perception. But, I feel like this really challenged me as I had to learn something new (the skill of recognizing new random directions ) in order to play this game. I gots a high score for today too!!!111! >-<

Played all the way through. This game was a lot of fun! I'm glad I finally found out who the white guy with the big head was. Not so glad that I took the easy way out, even though I have no idea where to find the last pieces of the golden thing.

The suspense was getting insane because I was paranoid about something bad happening. haha

Poetic, to say the least. Took me a while to notice it, but then I was like,"hot damn! Th's some good verse" Gotta play again to see the rest of the endings!

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